Allison Fisher and Kim Shaw Wrap-Up Military Tour in Kosovo

Allison Fisher and Kim Shaw with the troops

APRIL 21, 2009, CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – Allison Fisher and Kim Shaw just finished a three-day Military Tour in Kosovo where they were both the entertainers and the entertained.   Allison and Kim were brought over to boost the morale of the troops with their extraordinary pool skills.   Allison says, “It was a real honor and privilege for us to spend time with the troops in Kosovo.  Everyone made us feel very welcome and took time out of their schedules to educate us about the various training facilities and their way of life.  It was a remarkable experience, I will not forget.”

Allison and Kim experienced the K-9 and Aviation Units, where they were attacked by military trained Belgium Shepherd dogs and sat in the cockpit of a Black Hawk helicopter.

A special thanks goes out to all the troops and coordinators who provided Allison and Kim tremendous hospitality!

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