Amway Cup Bracket Shakeup

Helena Thornfeldt withdrew from Group E

Just one day after our breakdown of the Amway Cup brackets, there is already a change in the draw.

Helena Thornfeldt has been removed from Group E and instead of a qualifier taking her place, Rubilen Amit has been moved from Group C and the qualifier will move into Group C.

Group C is being viewed as a very tough group by the organizers, and Amit's new place in Group E should make Allison Fisher, Shu-Han Chang and Janine Schwan the favorites to advance out of that group.

Group E does get tougher with Amit. We had originally picked Ga-Young Kim, Hsiang-Lin Tan and Thornfeldt to advance from this group. Amit should be able to be pencilled in to that group now,

Meanwhile, Groups F and G are still as tough as ever.

In just three days, we will start to see results from these matches.