An open letter from Tommy Kennedy

As you know the J. Pechauer Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour is headed into it's 6TH SEASON. We really appreciate our title sponsor Jerry Pechauer and Pechauer Custom Cues. He has done nothing but good for us and the tour as we know it. So we really do want to thank him and his staff for all of their help. We also want to acknowledge Scott at Pechauer. He is one of the nicest people you would want to meet. Also we don't want to forget John also who answers the phone 95 percent of the time. He is also a super nice guy. So thank you again to all of the Pechauer family. And we don't want to fail to mention Joey Pechauer, Jerry's son. Please be sure to inquire about Joey's own line of Custom Cues. Call 1-800-934-7735 to find out more.

Alright, now about our tour. We at the J. Pechauer Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour have decided to make what we consider to be a major change in our payout. We have thought this through for the last several days. We have also gotten some feedback from the fans and players at our championship event concerning this matter. We feel it is time for a change to what we hope is for the better. This is what we propose to do:

For this season on the J. Pechauer Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour, we will pay 1st place $1000 based on a minimum of 32 players. This will be enforced starting at our first event starting May 14-15, in Enterprise Alabama, at the K.O. Corral Billiard Club.

We will still payout approximately 1/4 of the field whenever possible. This will be determined by how many ladies and juniors we have, how many discounted entries we have, and how many comps we have. The payout will be figured out at each event as we go. But we can at least guarantee 1st place money will be as stated. This will be for at least this season, as sort of a trial period you would say.

This will hopefully draw more players from further distances to compete in our events throughout the season. So thanks to all of the players and fans that come out time and time again. We really do appreciate their support.

Lastly, we just want to thank our other sponsors for their support throughout the last five seasons. Tim Kring Chalk Up Inc. Port Charlotte - David Adams Byron Ga. - Timothy J. White The Austailian Oyster West Palm Beach. - Tony Martzakis Play-Boy Billiards Lake Worth Fl - Jon Gowen WPB. - Tony Tiger Products - Pool and Billiard Mag. - Billiards Digest- Rex Allred Allred Roofing Systems - - Chris Hightower Cue Man Billiards - Phil Capelle A mind for Pool. - Bert Kinister Instructional Videos - Mike Massey Trick Shot Master - Ladies Spirit Tour Fl. - Iwan Simonis Hank Hayes Christine Hayes, Felice - The Monk Tim Miller. - Professor Q Ball Mag. - - Pool Dude People - Les Fiegel - Sir Joseph Cue Gloves Norman and Joel Brown - 8 Pocket Right Angle Billiards Conover Wi.- Jim Mazulla Founder of CPPA - Meuller Recreational Products - TW2/ Inc, Ed Roberts and BT Roberts. And all the other sponsors I couldn't list.

I want to also thank my personal assistants Ron Park and Tom Potter. We also want to thank my awesome wife Denise for her love and patience throughout the last 5 years. We also want to thank all of the room owners for having our events throughout the last years. We really appreciate their efforts they put forth to make each event a success. We also want to acknowledge one of the most important people of interest - Mike Howerton with AZBilliards. We are all deeply indebted to him for making the sport of pocket billiards more well known and accepted all over the world.

Finally I want to acknowledge The Lord Jesus Christ for Giving me all that I have and continuing to provide all that he has for our family. I also want to thank Him for His Death on the Cross and His Resurection for my Justification. I am only where I am because He put me here.

Thank you,
TK from FLA