Anderson wins best-of-three over Nunez to capture BAAT Tour stop

Brenda Anderson, Tour Director Stephanie Mitchell and Theresa Nunez

Though seven of the Bay Area Amateur Tour's top 10 players were on hand for a tour stop on Saturday, May 14, it was two newcomers – Brenda Anderson and Theresa Nunez – who battled it out for both the hot seat and finals. Anderson took two out of the three matches and took home the first place prize. The $260-added event drew 13 entrants to Stix Billiards in St. Pete Beach, FL.

They met first in the hot seat match, after Anderson had sent Chris Fields (# 3 in the rankings) west 4-4; Fields needing to reach 6, and Nunez had sent front-runner in the rankings, Sabra MacArthur-Beahn to the one-loss side 5-5; Beahn needing 7. Anderson prevailed in their first meeting, 5-3, and sat in the hot seat awaiting her return from the semifinals.

With Jessica Barnes (#7) finishing in the 13th spot for the tournament, MacArthur Beahn and Fields, in the meantime, moved west to take on Alice Parnell (#4) and Kelly Cavanaugh (#2). Parnell had advanced past Deanna Foster 4-3, and Dawn Fitzpatrick 4-2 to draw MacArthur Beahn. Cavanaugh defeated Freida Walker 5-3 and tour director Stephanie Mitchell 5-4 to pick up Fields. With Beahn needing to reach 8 games, Parnell moved on to the quarterfinals with a 4-5 win, as Cavanaugh downed Fields 5-3.

Cavanaugh and Parnell locked up in a double hill battle, won by Cavanaugh, which, following MacArthur Beahn's finish in the 5/6 slot, moved Cavanaugh into the tour's top-ranked position.

"That darned Kelly pushed me out of first place in the standings," said MacArthur Beahn in an e-mail. "Guess I'll have to learn how to play better."

Cavanaugh's run, though, ended right there, as a semifinal, straight-up-race-to-5 match against Nunez, went Nunez' way, 5-3. Nunez rode momentum into the opening set of the true double elimination final and prevailed in a double hill match. Anderson fought back in the second set to win 4-3 and capture her first BAAT title. It is the fourth time in as many 2011 stops on the BAAT tour that a new name has captured the event.