Parnell wins second stop on BAAT Tour

Alice Parnell participated in only two stops on the 2010 Bay Area Amateur Tour (BAAT) and finished at #48 in the tour standings. On Saturday, February 19, she matched that level of participation on the 2011 tour, and after a 9-12 finish in the opening stop in January,  she moved into second place behind Sabra MacArthur-Beahn on the tour standings with a tour victory. The $420-added event drew 21 entrants to Stroker's Billiards in Tampa, FL.

From among the winners' side final four, Parnell got into the hot seat match with a 4-3 win over Jamie Toennies. Parnell was joined by Tracey Mullen, who'd just sent Lisa McElroy west 5-2. Parnell gained the hot seat with a 4-4 win over Mullen, who needed six to win.

On the one-loss side, Toennies was met by Stephanie McFarlin, who'd defeated Sabrina Bunnell 5-2 and MacArthur-Beahn 5-3. McElroy drew Kelly Cavanaugh, who'd defeated tour newcomer Robin Boggs in a double hill match and Valerie Dukich 5-3. Cavanaugh allowed McElroy only a single rack and moved into the quarterfinals, where she was joined by Toennies, who'd dropped McFarlin into the tie for fifth place 5-3.

The quarterfinal match offered Cavanaugh a second chance against Toennies, who'd sent her to the one-loss bracket from among the winners' side final eight. Toennies, though, denied her retribution, winning a second time 5-2. Toennies turned to face Mullen and got caught up in a double hill semifinal match that saw Mullen advance for a second chance against Parnell.

Parnell, having given up four racks in the hot seat match, was apparently determined not to let that happen again. In the rematch final versus Mullen, she gave up only one and chalked up her first victory on the 2011 BAAT tour.