Another Qualifier win for Paglia

Angel Paglia

Last week, Angel Paglia was mowing through the field undefeated at the AWBT's WPBA qualifier.  This week, she found herself on the other side of the country at Corner Pocket Billiards in Orlando Florida where a field of nine ladies were attempting to qualify for the upcoming Women's World 10-Ball Championship.

The field may have been small, but that doesn't mean it would be an easy task for the eventual winner. Paglia was joined by Rachael Abbink, former WPBA player Mary Kenniston, Jessica Barnes, Jeannie Seaver, Michell Monk, Kim Jones, Sonia Johnson and Shanelle Loraine.

Paglia owned the winners side after wins over Monk, Abbink and then Kenniston for the hot-seat. Kenniston ran into a road block on the one loss side and dropped a match to Abbink, which setup the Abbink/Paglia finals.

The final match was a close one, but Paglia continued her winning ways with a 7-5 win over Abbink and earned her place in the upcoming Women's World 10-Ball Championship.