Anyone Up For A $25,000 8-Ball Break Contest?

If you clicked on this write-up, your interest must be piqued.  So, here are the details courtesy of DR Pool Promotions, Inc.:

Mole Lake Casino in Mole Lake, Wisconsin and DR Pool Promotions, Inc. announce a $25,000 eight-ball break contest to take place at the tour season finale on May 3, 2009.  Two randomly selected final stop entrants will be given the opportunity to break a rack in an effort to sink the eight ball. If both players sink the eight ball during their attempt, a sudden death tiebreaker will occur as there is only one $25,000 prize.  For all other contestants, they will be given the opportunity to participate in a secondary eight-ball break contest worth $2500, just for entering the final event.

Just a side note, to enter into the tour season finale, the only qualification is to have played in two events during the season.  With that said, here is the list of remaining stops for the tour:

More information on the Native American Casino Pool Tour (“NACPT”) can be found here on AZBilliards under the “Tours and Tournaments” section – click on “Native American Casino Pool Tour” and/or if you would like more specific details, visit DR Pool's website at or contact Dean Roeseler directly at (888) 372-7665, email