Million Dollar Break & Run Contest has been added to all Tour Events

The Classic Tours are please to announce the inclusion of a new 10-Ball Break & Run contest with an accumulative prize fund at all of the Tour events.

Mike Janis the founder of Classic Tour, formally known as the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tours stated "I am very pleased to be able to bring this exciting contest to all of our events. While it really is not a new concept for local events to have B&R contests it is new to a traveling regional tour like the Classic Tours and our players and spectators alike. We are eager to get the ball rolling and we will even be approaching sponsors and contest insurance companies to help increas the prize fund for the Classic Tours new "Million Dollar Break & Run Contest". As the prize money in the fund for the contest grows we expect the excitement to equally grow and this will add a whole new level of excitement for the players and spectators experience at our events." said Janis.

The rules will be, 1 lucky winner at every Maxim Tour event will be drawn from a nightly event ticket pool (Ticket costs are $1). That lucky person will get the chance to Break & Run a 10-Ball Rack to win the total accumulated "Million Dollar Break & Run Contest" prize fund*.

To ensure the highest maximum payout to the players the lucky person must break and run all of the balls off of the table in order 1-10 to win the total accumulated prize fund. Any balls made on the break will be spotted and if the 10-ball is made out of turn the 10-Ball will be spotted and the player will continue shooting until a complete break & run is achieved or the player misses a shot at which time the attempt will end.. Standard playing rules for fouls will be applied.

*The "Million Dollar Break & Run Contest" accumulated prize fund will start out at $100 and not at 1 Million Dollars as the wording "Million Dollar Break & Run Contest" is only a name. However, the maximum payout is limited to $1,000,000 dollars.

To participate all you have to do is be at a Classic Tour event. Participants do not have to participate in the actual Classic Tour events and tickets are transferable. The meaning of "tickets are transferable" relates to, if the winning ticket holder wants to let another person attempt the Break & Run they may do so but also note that they agree to split 50/50 the total winning with the person they agree to have the turn at the Break & Run.

For authentication purposes all "Million Dollar Break & Run Contest" attempts will be video taped and posted on after every event.