Appleton Gets Big Win over Frost at US Open One Pocket

Darren Appleton

Darren Appleton played up to his nickname on Friday night as he “Dazzled" the fans in his 10 pm match against Scott Frost. Darren, who ran out the first game after a miss from Scott, kept up the pressure as he took total control of the remaining three games, and came out a convincing winner at 4-0.

Darren finished third at this years One Pocket event at the Derby City Classic and has really established himself as a serious competitor in this discipline.

The following last sixteen on the winners side were whittled down to the last eight standing in Fridays 10 pm winners side matches:

Darren Appleton 4 / Scott Frost 0

More to come Saturday mornings losers side matches as this great event gets nearer to its conclusion, with the final being played Sunday evening at 10 pm.