Van Boening and Appleton Compete for One Pocket Hot Seat

Shane Van Boening

The excitement grows as the CSI One Pocket Championship at the Riviera Hotel & Casino nears its conclusion, with Shane Van Boening and Darren Appleton making the hot seat on the winners side. Van Boening commented after his 4-1 win over Francisco Bustamante that his first match of One Pocket took place in
a Derby City money game in 2008. He has shown that he is a quick learner having established himself as one of the top One Pocket players in the States in only four years.

It should also be noted that he ended Bustamante's 4-0 winning streak over Alex Pagulayan on Friday and Mark Haddad on Saturday.

The Saturday 4:00 pm winners side matches saw eight players attempting their first step in getting to the hot seat.

Francisco Bustamante beat Mark Haddad 4-0
Shane Van Boening beat Jason Chance 4-1
Sylvia Ochoa beat Jose Parica (Leader of the invasion) 4-2
Darren Appleton beat Bernie Pettipiece 4-1

Darren Appleton beat Sylvia Ochoa 4-3 (Darren was down 3-2 in this match, but dug in his heels to get the win)
Shane Van Boening beat Francisco Bustamante 4-1 

Alex Pagulayan beat Jose Parica 3-1
Santos Sambajon beat Bernie Pettipiece 3-1
Charlie Bryant beat Jason Chance 3-1 (This match took just over 4 hours)
Ike Runnels beat Mark Haddad 3-2 (This match was a tad quicker at 3 hours 20 minutes)

Sunday mornings first two matches will see Bustamante waiting for the winner of the match between Pagulayan and Sambajon and Sylver Ochoa waiting for the winner of Ike Runnels and Charlie Bryant.

More coverage on Sundays action tomorrow.