Archer over Appleton for another Team USA point

Johnny Archer

Niether Johnny Archer or Darren Appleton will look back with pride at their match on Day four of the Mosconi Cup, but it was Archer taking advantage of a couple late errors by Appleton to score a 6-3 win and keep Team USA's hopes alive.

Johnny looked a little shaky at the start of the match, but he was still effective enough to run out on his break and again on Appleton's after an illegal break from Appleton in rack two.

A miss in the third rack by Archer allowed Appleton to get on the scoreboard at 2-1, but a poorly played safety by Appleton in rack four opened up a rack for Archer to regain a two rack lead at 3-1.

A 9-ball break in rack five gave Archer a 4-1 lead and he was starting to feel the confidence at the table. That confidence might have bit him in rack six as he opted for a bank on the 5-ball instead of a tricky cut for position. He missed the shot and sold out the table for Appleton for a 4-2 scoreline. 

Another missed bank by Archer in rack seven opened up a table for Appleton to claw back to within one rack at 4-3. 

Appleton was breaking for the chance to tie the score but missed his first shot after the break and Archer was more than happy to run out that rack to get to the hill at 5-3. 

The final rack saw Archer execute a good safety, and get rewarded after Appleton hit the ball but left a shot for Johnny. Archer calmly ran out the final rack and celebrated another US point and a 10-7 over all score.