Archer unseats Shane at top of BCA Points List

Johnny Archer

They say that all good things must come to and end, and for Shane Van Boening it is his place atop the BCA Points List that has come to an end.

With Van Boening losing the points for last year's US Open win, he knew that he would have to earn a top finish this year to keep his chances alive to retain the #1 spot on the list. His 13th place finish was not nearly enough.

Johnny Archer had been narrowing the gap between he and Van Boening all year, and his 4th place finish in Chesapeake last week was much more than enough to close the gap.

Unfortunately for Archer, he is now the player being chased and US Open winner Mika Immonen is right behind him on the new points list. Immonen climbed from 3rd place to 2nd place, but will be losing more points than Archer in March when the UPA Pro Player Championship falls off of the list. Van Boening will be losing another 1st place finish when the Pro Player Championship points fall off the list, so he could fall even further down the points list in March.

Other players moving up the points list after the US Open were Rodney Morris who moved from 12th to 5th, Charlie Williams who moved from 11th to 7th, Francisco Bustamante who moved from 13th to 8th. Corey Deuel who moved from 15th to 10th, Shaun Wilke who moved from 18th to 13th, John Schmidt who moved from 20th to 14th and Stevie Moore who climbed from 19th to 15th.

The US Open was the final points event for 2008 and the next event players will be able to earn points at will be the Turning Stone Classic on February 19 - 22.

Other point events for 2009 will include the Predator 10-Ball event in May, The Turning Stone Classic in August and the US Open in October. Other events will be added to the list as details are announced.