Deuel finishes year as #1 on BCA Points List

Corey Deuel

The worst kept secret at Turning Stone earlier this month was Corey Deuel's ascencion to the top of the BCA points list.

After #1 ranked Rodney Morris finished in 17th, Deuel knew that his fate was in his own hands as he only needed a third place finish to take the top spot, even if Johnny Archer won the event. When Archer crashed out in 9th, Deuel could relax with the knowledge that he would end the year as the #1 player. Deuel's win at Turning Stone just helped him add to his lead on the list.

While Deuel jumped from 5th to 1st, Archer and Morris both dropped three spots from 3rd to 6th and 1st to 4th. 

Other players making their way up the points list were Dennis Hatch (from 6th to 5th), Mike Dechaine (10th to 7th) and Earl Strickland (11th to 8th).

The points will remain unchanged until March, when the Masters takes place.