Artistic Pool Ranking Points Update for Cup V


The APTSA and the WPA Artistic Pool Division have agreed to award WPA World Artistic Pool Ranking Points to all players participating in the Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup V.  These points will be based on the "ranking points chart" that has been approved by the APTSA board for any and all "major" events on their tour.   

Note:  All "world ranking points" earned for the Cup V will be posted to the official WPA World Artistic Pool Ranking List shortly after the Cup V is over.  
Per prior releases the Cup V has been APTSA board approved as the inaugural "major" stop on the APTSA National Artistic Pool Tour for 2011/2012.   All APTSA full player members in the Cup V will also receive an equal number of rankings points on the APTSA National Artistic Pool Ranking List.  

Both ranking lists may be found at APTSA.US

Specific questions on "rankings" should be addressed to Tom Kinzel, APTSA, Chairman of the APTSA --

   The Dr. Cue National Artistic Lag II Challenge will also take place during the Cup V. Everyone in attendance is invited to take part in this special event as well.  Please find attached a press release, schedule, and other information on the Cup V / National Lag Challenge that has previously been released.

Players may send their "intent to enter" via email -- or they may phone their "intent to enter" to Tom or Marty -- 765.795.4968 (H) or 765.760.7665 (C).

Sponsors wishing to contribute monetary and/or product donations to this special player/fan friendly event may contact Tom or Marty Rossman at the numbers listed above to discuss your options.   

We encourage you to join this magnetic event as a player, fan, sponsor, or media/promotion friend.  Marty and I want to thank everyone for helping to make the Cup V a resounding success for all.

                    Hoping to hear from you soon...    Tom and Marty (Dr. Cue and Ms. Cue)

Program Note:  The program being used for the Cup V is the same program that was used for the Cup IV in 2010.  This program may be downloaded at the following link:  (copy and paste to browser if needed)