Southwest Artistic Pool Shootout Announced

Event:  G.M.P.A Southwest Artistic Pool Shootout

Sponsored By:  Greater Midwest Poolplayers Association / Dr. Cue Promotions

Venue:     Bull Shooters Bar & Grill
        3337 W. Peoria Avenue
        Phoenix, AZ  85029

Date:    October 7 & 8, 2011                        Field Size: 16 players maximum (1st paid)

Play Begins – 1:00PM (10/7) and continues with flexible play times thru 7:00PM (10/8)

Special Shows By: Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman (Evenings – TH, F, SA)

Contact / Director: Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman

               Phone: 765.760.7665

Additional Information:

     This is the 1st event in Arizona for the APTSA (Artistic Pool and Trick Shot Association) new and exciting tour initiatives program. An APS (Artistic Pool Shootout) format has 8 high make rate artistic pool challenges (1 per sport discipline) and has a field size of 8 - 16 players with each player receiving prize money for their respective positions of finish.

Note: APS Program #1 will be used for this event.  This item plus the guaranteed payout chart and other items can be downloaded at APTSA.US.  

     The Greater Midwest Poolplayers Association is the primary sponsor for this event and is adding $100.00 to the prize fund with Dr. Cue Promotions adding $50.00 as part of the overall tour promotions. Everyone is welcome to enter for $10.00.

     Players may also become an APS player member of the APTSA for $10.00 and earn ranking points for the APTSA National Artistic Pool Tour Rankings list.

Special Note: The magnetic and creative APTSA National Artistic Pool Tour consists of 3 types of Artistic Pool events – 1) Artistic Pool Shootouts with 8 challenges, 2) Artistic Pool Room Cups with 16 challenges, and 3) Artistic Pool Majors with 40+ challenges.

Tom Kinzel, APTSA Chairman           Email:
  APTSA website:  ""