Artistic Pool Shootout in Abilene Announced

Event:  APTSA Artistic Pool Shootout

Primary Financial Sponsor:  Robertson Custom Cues      

Secondary Financial Sponsor:  Dr. Cue Promotions

Venue:     Slix Billiards
        3422 North 1st Street
        Abilene, TX

Date:    October 2, 2011 (Sunday)

Player's Meeting – 3:30PM
Play Begins – 4:00PM
Special Shots Demo By: Curtis Robertson – After payouts!

Co-directed By:  Curtis Robertson and Derriel Smith

Contact: Curtis Robertson

               Phone:     325.829.3035

Additional Information:

     After running 3 highly successful Texas Artistic Pool Shootout events in July and August, Curtis Robertson has scheduled a 4th APS event under the APTSA (Artistic Pool and Trick Shot Association) umbrella with its new and exciting tour initiatives program.  The event format will use APS Program #3 this time around with new challenges to test each player.  The field size will be a maximum of 16 players, and each player will receive prize money for their respective position of finish.

     Robertson Custom Cues is the primary sponsor for this event and is adding $50.00 to the prize fund with Dr. Cue Promotions adding $25.00 as part of the overall event promotions. Everyone is welcome to enter for $10.00 and a $2.00 “green fee”.

     Anyone who is not an APS player member already may join for $10.00 and earn “national” ranking points for the APTSA National Artistic Pool Tour Rankings list found at APTSA.US.  

Special Note: The magnetic and creative APTSA National Artistic Pool Tour consists of 3 types of Artistic Pool events – 1) Artistic Pool Shootouts with 8 challenges, 2) Artistic Pool Room Cups with 16 challenges, and 3) Artistic Pool Majors with 40+ challenges.

Tom Kinzel, APTSA Chairman           Email:
  APTSA website: