Atwell Wins Cadillac Island Pechauer Stop

Longview, WA - Cadillac Island Casino hosted the 7th NW Pechauer stop of the season September 9th and 10th. What used to be a 3-day event has been trimmed to a Saturday/Sunday affair to accommodate out of town travelers who are unable to attend due to work conflicts; keep in mind though, the Kennewick Island Casino stop has to start on Friday night, so if you would like to participate but have travel conflicts, please contact On The Wire at 503-674-8300 and we will work with you the best we can. The Kennewick stop is scheduled for October 13-15, again, starting Friday night at 8:00 pm.

Longview seems to be a great location for tournaments as it is not too far from Seattle, and it is just about an hour's drive from the Portland/Metro area depending on where you are coming from. As usual, we saw players from all over the place, this time coming from as far away as Edmonton, Canada and Montana - thank you players for going to such lengths to compete in the tour.

Eddie Carrido seemed to have all the skill and all the rolls as he annihilated Kevin Cardinal of Canada in the semi-final round on the winner's side. Bob Zack also found his rhythm against Bob O'hashi in the same round winning the match 8-1, although it is notable that no player scored more than 4 games in any of the matches Bob Zack won. Carrido and Zack squared off to take the hot seat, and Zack seemed to race around the table as he disposed of Carrido 8-4. On the backside, Glenn Atwell was waiting for Eddie Carrido. It was Ivan Doty who originally sent Atwell to the one-loss side, but as many of the players in the NW know, Atwell almost seems to enjoy strolling his way through life on the edge! Atwell methodically chipped away at Carrido earning his shot at Bob Zack in the finals. Atwell may have figured that since he went as far as he did, he might as well win the tournament. He dominated the final round by a score of 13-6, never really allowing Bob Zack to the table to shoot. Both players have amassed quite a few tour points this year, but Bob Zack cinched it up with his second place finish, guaranteeing him 1st place on the tour this year, while Glenn will have to settle for 2nd. Mike Stevens is in 3rd place and could be caught, but likely will not.

The finals are scheduled for November 11th and 12th at Hard Times Billiards in Sacramento. Hard Times generously adds $5000 for the finale, so make your plans now to attend, play starts at 1:00 pm, and we will have a player's auction as well, to keep the action alive! Hope to see you there.