Bob Zack cleans up at Cadillac Island

The Pechauer Tour's NW branch was at The Cadillac Island Casino in Longview, Washington with a full field of 64 players in action.

The player of the day on Saturday was Leroy Dorsey who scored a 7-3 win over Glenn Atwell in round one and followed that up with a 9-4 win over Stan Tourangeau. Dorsey's run through the tournament was finally brought to an end on Sunday when he finished in 9th place.

On the winners side Sunday, it was Don Wirtamen scoring a 9-6 win over Zach Masiba. On the one loss side Masiba ran into Bob Zack, who had lost to Wirtaman on Sunday and then eliminated John Doherty in his first match on the one loss side. Zack continued his hot play and eliminated Masiba 7-3 to earn another shot at Wirtamen in the extended final match.

Wirtamen came out firing and cruised to a quick 8-3 lead. Just as fast as Wirtamen took the early lead, he quickly lost it as Zack came back to win 10 of the next 11 games on his way to a 13-9 final match victory.

Zack earned $900 for first, while Wirtamen took home $650. Masiba and Doherty filled out the top four spots.

Complete Results:
1st Bob Zack $900
2nd Don Wirtamen $650
3rd Zach Masiba $450
4th John Doherty $300
5th/6th Raul Abenojar, Stan Tourangeau $180
7th/8th Alan Boutin, Tim Tweedel $120
9th/12th Glenn Atwell, Leroy Dorsey, Todd Marsh, Mike Zimmerman $75
13th/16th Rob Cameron, Arlo Walsman, Al Perez, Scott Thurston $50