Awesome AZB September Giveaways!

This month Predator Cues is providing a very special prize. You can be the very first person to own their new Sport2 cue! Not yet available to the public, the winner of our contest will be the first to own the latest in Predator technology. So this month the first place prize is indeed a first! Predator has put a lot of research into this new cue and says of it: "Effortless grip, precision performance. The all new Predator Sport2 cue is engineered to exacting standards and feratures a four-piece hard maple butt, the tunable Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge System and an all new grip featuring five different traction zones."


Second place is another great prize. Our favorite rack, the Delta-13 Elite, which this month comes in black for a very classic look. We just cannot say enough good things about the Delta-13 rack. It is frankly the only triangle we have ever used that actually gives a tight rack every time. Each rack comes with a custom specification sheet of tolerances to show exactly how well-constructed this rack really is. And it stays true forever due to the quality, heavy-duty construction. Once you have used the Delta-13 you will never rack with wood again.


Third-Fifth places also do very well this month. Thanks to our friends at TAR and Master Chalk you will get two prizes this month. First, an autographed copy of Shane Van Boening's new instructional video with Jennifer Barretta that explains Shane's Aiming, Breaking, Run-Out Strategy and Mental Game. As stated on the DVD, "Known as one of the most feared players on Earth with one of the best breaks in the game and a most unique ainming system, Shane walks you through the secrets to his game." And Master Chalk has come through again with five pieces of Sky Blue Master Chalk for every winner. This month the chalk will go to all five winners!


To be eligible for the drawing you must be an AZB Gold member on September 1. To become a member just click here