Winners! We Have Winners!

It Pays To Be Gold!

Our July Gold Member winners have been drawn. Our First-Place Prize, the OB 129 Birdseye and Cocobola Cue was won by tonyboy59. Our second-place prize of a Delta-13 Elite Rack is TheSneak. And our third-fifth [lace winners of Master Chalk are Branpureza, Badbeat13 and flycodman77.  We wish to give very hearty thanks to OB Cues, Delta-13 and Master Chalk for their generosity and their very obvious wish to be a part of the AZB Family of Partners. These companies sell everything they make and are showing a lot of class by participating in this program to bring great products to the AZB fraternity at no cost.


The industry is liking the new Giveaweay program. Lucasi Hybrind cues have donated cues that retail for over $1,200 each and one of these will be our first prize next month. We also have a very fine cue from Summit Cues that will be our second-place prize and the 3-5th place winners will again get five pieces each of the new Sky Blue Master Chalk. We hope you are enjoying these monthly giveaways as much as we are. Do remember the rules. All you have to do to enter is to be a Gold Member of AZB. To join just go to: Gold Membership Page. When you win a first prize you are still eligible for 2-5th place each month but not for first place again for 18 months.  Same with second place. You are still eligible for first place and 3-5th but not another 2nd place prize for 18 months.


I will be PM'ing the winners today. If you are a winner and read this before you find your PM please send me your mailing address so I can get your prizes out to you. I will ship them on Monday. I can be reached at: