Gold Member Winners Announced

We have notified the following Gold Members that they have won and have requested their mailing addresses for shipment.

The winner of the Lucasi Hybrid Fusion Model 40 is SwissChris. Congratulations go out to him for winning our richest prize to date. (But we are just getting started.) The value of this cue will cover his Gold Member costs for the next 30 years.

Rusty Melton won the Summit Break Cue with the purple heart shaft.

Our three winners of 5 pieces of Master Chalk are: G2 Cue Tips USA, CueCaps, and Rich93.

If you know any of these folks please ask them to check their PM's so I can get their shipping addresses.

Heartfelt thanks go out to Lucasi Hybrid Cues for their outstanding generosity, to Summit Cues for their marvelous and unique Break Cue and to Master Chalk for their years of support of all things pool.


To be eligible for the next drawing in 30 days just become a Gold Member here.