AzB Story Correction

A recent press release printed here on AZBilliards contained an error which we must correct. In the article on Seminole Pro Tour sponsors the following statement was made: "Milliken SuperPro cuesports cloth has become the choice of professional tournaments world-wide.  Approved for use in all WPA, BCA, EPBF, and APBU events..."

The WPA does not 'approve' or 'disapprove' cloths. The choice of cloth is one made by the tournament promoter. The BCA does not 'approve' or 'disapprove' cloths either. And the EPBF has responded with a letter signed by Gre Leenders, their President, that states: "The European Pocket Billiard Federation recognizes exclusively the cloth of Iwan Simonis for EPBF events. This means that all types of cloth of the company Milliken do not have any recognition from the EPBF".

AZBilliards regrets any misconceptions.