AZBilliards Joins BCA Effort to Promote the Pro Game

AZBilliards has become one of the very first companies to enroll in the BCA initiative as an 'Official Contributor to International Competition.' AZBilliards joins Simonis Billiard Cloth and Tweeten Fibre (Master Chalk) as Charter Members of this aspirational group. 

"What caught my attention first about this new program is its intent on promoting the professional side of pool. There is one line in the BCA announcement that is worth the price of admission by itself. That line is: "The BCA would like to identify strategies for providing American player travel stipends for international events." said AZB partner Jerry Forsyth. "The lack of funding for travel has been killing American efforts at occupying the world stage. This is a landmark moment for professional pool in America. " 

AZB founder Mike Howerton concluded: "It is our hope that many other American billiard firms can recognize that the rapid constriction of the game in America came at exactly the same time that the industry largely walked away from sponsoring the pro game. This voluntary effort is a way for America to get back on top where it belongs and to learn from places like China where the game is exploding in popularity and equipment sales as the pro game is celebrated and respected." 

AZBilliards salutes the BCA for establishing this program and will recognize all of the companies who join the club. We appreciate any and all firms who will put their money to work where it can truly generate a return for the game and all involved within it.