AZBilliards Launches Online National Billiard News Archive

From paper to digital: 400 NBN issues available today on AZB!

It is with great pleasure that AZBilliards now unlocks this next door inside the Gold Mine. Thanks to Publisher Conrad Burkman for giving AZB the exclusive right to reproduce all editions of the National Billiard News in digital format. This is a major benefit for AZB Gold Members and is one that we have been working on for several years.

AZB Gold Members (to become a Gold Member click here) may now see a list of all of the National Billiard News that were in the Burkman collection. The issues that are not in that collection are not yet posted as we are still retrieving some of them from their current owners for scanning. They will be up in short order.  These go back more than 50 years and include coverage of Johnston City and the Jansco’s Stardust Tournaments, all of the 14.1 major events of the day and stories on everyone including Ralph Greenleaf and his peers.

Every issue may be viewed in full screen and they are easily magnified to provide you the best viewing and reading experience. By reading these gems from the past you get an excellent view of the road that pool has traveled in America and around the world. You can track the entire careers of players who began in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s and ended many years later. The advertisements alone are a trip through billiard time.

AZB Gold Members already have exclusive access to content older than 5 years on and so are able to track all players and event histories. Now they are able to truly explore the game over a span of more than 50 years and then continue that exploration on AZB itself. Our data bases contain in-depth information on many professionals.  Read about Efren Reyes in the NBN and then research his entire history via AZB and see what events he played in in which years, who played with him, where they all finished and what their prize money was, along with event coverage and photos. The combination of AZB and all of the NBN’s in one location make pool history come alive conveniently.

We are able to take on projects of this sort due to the AZB Gold Member’s contributions to this site. They founded this project, they fund a portion of our travel, and they make the continued expansion of the site possible. Our future contains a lot more than currently offered and it is all brought to you courtesy of the AZB Gold Members, as well as our partners and advertisers.


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