AZBilliards to Exert Editorial Control

As AZBilliards has grown over the years our front page has become an important source of news for the entire international billiards community. In the past it has been our policy to display all press releases and news flashes there without any editing.

However, we now feel it is our responsibility to affirm the accuracy of press releases and other news that appears on the front page. Therefore, beginning immediately, we will be fact-checking the accuracy of any front-page news that is sent to us for display.

Contributors to this page will be asked to include contact information and phone numbers where those contacts may be reached. Any news that contains controversial content will be checked for facts and opposing views may be sought to balance the content. Accusations against any party will not be displayed until that party has been given the chance to respond.

We feel that this is the logical next step for us to take. As a news organization it is our duty to present the unvarnished truth so that billiard enthusiasts around the world can turn here and know that they are at a trusted source for all the information they want on their favorite sport.