The Arizona pool community is one of the largest in the United States. It is our pleasure to announce we have made available a web site specifically designed to offer the pool players in Arizona a one stop information center on Arizona pool.

Our original intention was to create a site that listed all the major or monthly pool tournaments for any given month and to add any pool related news that we thought would interest the pool players in Arizona.

Once the site was created, we realized that the content of this site could and should encompass so much more. As of today, the content on our site not only includes the scheduled tournaments and pool related news, but also includes a page that allows the players in Arizona to list their cues that they want to sell and another page that lists some of the pool leagues with contact information for those who may be looking for a league to participate in. We then added an opinion page, a press release page, an Arizona poolrooms page, a page we call Arizona player profiles, and even a page that allows the players from Arizona the opportunity to list their business.

This site was designed for Arizona pool players. We will concentrate strictly on Arizona and we have no intention to include national content unless we think that content will benefit the Arizona players in some way. Mike Howerton, owner of Arizona's premier billiard publication, The Arizona Billiards News, and owner of one of the worlds most popular pool related web sites ( has done an absolutely brilliant job with his web site which concentrates on national pool related news. www.azpoolscene is for Arizona players and we wish to make it very clear we have no intention of competing with a web site most consider the premier pool site available on the web. However, if you play pool in Arizona, we hope you will agree, after viewing our site, that will become a must read for you.

Arizona Pool Scene.