Back to Back for Brumback!

John Brumback

The first main event of the 2010 Derby City Classic wraps up this evening with an all-star bank pool finale. Hometown hero and reigning champion John Brumback was determined to defend his title against “The Magician,” Efren Reyes.

Overheard saying, “I'm playing the best bank pool of my life,” the confident, stone cold Brumback stepped into the ring ready to kill. His quarter-finals performance against Reyes in round 11 was nearly flawless, closing out the set 3-0 and only giving up four banks.

The finals would be no different. Brumback won the lag and quickly jumped to a 2-0 lead. Brumback's break in game three was looking like a no-brainer but he was unable to string together any high runs. Finally, he calmed his nerves and ran three before double-kissing number four cross-side giving Reyes a chance to get to four. Both players battled for the final two balls when a miscue by Reyes let the match and the title to Brumback. The house went wild.

For only the second time ever, Reyes enters the finals of the bank pool championships for a chance at the title. His second place finish in 2007 against Stevie Moore gave him his best finish. The refreshed Reyes took advantage of the 30 minute break before his finals match to return to his room, change his shirt, and tidy up. “I've been playing all day,” said the slightly weary Reyes.

Reyes defeated Larry Nevel in the previous semi-finals round. That was Nevel's third match in the Accu-stats arena and the story would not change. Nevel has lost all three matches he's played in the pit. Fortunately for him, he managed to draw three byes within four rounds. The two back to back byes in rounds 10 and 11 secured him a top three finish.

The second round of one-pocket play continues. The one-pocket challenge wraps up this evening while the Fat Boy Challenge kicks off.

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