Ballpark Village 9-Ball Player Invitation List

The Ballpark Village Player's lounge
The Ballpark Village 9-Ball Invitational is proud to extend an invitation to the following 90 players, who are officially invited to participate in the inaugural $25,000 added 9-Ball tournament in St Louis, MO, November 27 - December 2, 2018. 
Player Registration Form is available at at the bottom of the front page.
The tournament is reserving 6 spots for sponsor exemptions and a select number of qualifier tournaments, leaving 58 positions available to this list of invitees. 
Entry fee for all invitees is $500. With a full field, the total purse will be $57,000. 1st place will earn $13,000 and 13th - 16th place will receive $1500. 
Each participating player will receive a benefit package to include special room rates at the 4-star rated Hilton at The Ballpark. This discounted rate of $89 per night is for players only. The spectator rate is just $10 more per night. Players and fans staying at the Hilton will also get daily breakfast discounts and overnight parking rates not found elsewhere in downtown St. Louis. 
The Player's package also includes event apparel, free venue parking, The Player's Lounge and discounts on food and beverage in BallPark Village. The Player's Lounge will be second-to-none in pro pool.
All players can register at the event website , which is mobile friendly. Registration is easy and once complete a confirmation email will be sent with follow-up instructions on payment through PayPal or credit card.
The Invited Players are:
Alcaide, David
Alcano, Ronnie
Appleton, Darren
Aranas, James
Archer, Johnny
Baraks, Jamie
Bergman, Justin
Biado, Carlo
Boyes, Karl
Bryant, Charlie
Bustamante, Fancisco
Calderon, Jerry
Caohan, Tony
Chau, Manny
Chinakhov, Ruslan
Compton, Chip
Corr, Karen
Corteza, Lee Van
Crosby, Tony
Daulton, Shannon
Davis, Mike
De Luna, Jeffery
Dechaine, Mike 
Deuel, Corey
Dominguez, Oscar
Ekonomopoulos, Nick
Ellerman, Mitch
Feijen, Niels
Filler, Joshua
Fisher, Allison
Fisher, kelly
Foldes, Vilmos
Frost, Scott
Gomez, Roberto
Gorst, Fedor
Grabe, Dennis
Gray, Mark
Hall, Justin
Harriman, Danny
Hasson, Loree Jon
Hatch, Dennis
Hernandez, Frankie
Hjorleifson, Eric
Hohmann, Thorsten
Hundal, Raj
Immonen, Mika
Jones, Jeremy
Kaci, Eklent
Kang, Omar
Kazaris, Alex
Kennedy, Tommy
Kiamco, Warren
Klatt, Jason
Korsiak, Joey
Lee, Jeanette
Magid, Imran
McMinn, Shane
Meglino, Anthony
Melling, Chris
Mills, Donnie
Morra, John
Morris, Rodney
Orcollo, Dennis
Ouschan, Albin
Owen, Gabe
Pagulayan, Alex
Peach, Daryl
Perez, Manny
Pinegar, Jonathon
Reyes, Efren
Roberts, James
Roberts, Josh
Robles, Tony
Saez, Rob
Schmidt, John
Shaw, Jayson
Shuff, Brandon
Smith, Danny
Sossei, Jeremy
Souquet, Ralf
Strckland, Earl
Thorpe, Billy
Van  Boening, Shane
Van Dan Berg, Nick
Webb, Monica
Villareal, Vivian
Wilkie, Shawn
Winter, Shane
Woodward, Skyler
Zvi, Zion
Any player not on this list and who wishes to be on the "Invite List" should also register at the  in order to be considered for the tournament, should there be an opening.
For more information, contact Tournament Director Rocky McElroy at (352) 584-5124 or email
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