BCA Points List Top Two Unchanged, Dominguez top US Player

Oscar Dominguez

Mika Immonen's second straight win at the US Open 9-Ball Championship was only enough to stay in second place on the BCA points list as his win at the 2008 US Open fell off of the list.

Ralf Souquet was in first place on the points list and his second place finish to Immonen helped to cement his position at the top of the list with a huge point lead over the rest of the list.

The big change that did take place after the US Open was the crowning of a new #1 US player on the list. While Oscar Dominguez did not have his finest day in Chesapeake, it was enough to see him leapfrog over Corey Deuel to become the top US Player as Deuel had to match a 5th place finish in 2008 to not lose ground on the list.

Other climbers in the top 10 were Shane Van Boening who jumped four spots to #5, Shawn Putnam who climbed one spot to #7, Charlie Williams who leaped four spots to #8, Charlie Bryant who moved two spots to #9 and Stevie Moore who rocketed nine spots into the #10 position.

With Matchroom Sport rewarding the top two US players with Mosconi Cup invites, Oscar and Corey definitely have good reason to celebrate this points list.

When reached for comment, Dominguez said that "Representing your country is one of the biggest honors a person can have. I am like a little kid on Christmas day". Oscar continued with "But Mosconi Cup is not a party. It is another tournament and I plan on playing my best game there." .