Banks, One-Pocket, and Minis, oh my!

As the bank pool matches continues, the one-pocket event kicks off with 290 entries. Sunday enters round 4 of the bank pool and Gabe Owen has yet to lose a game.

This year's mini tournaments afford more new players an opportunity to participate. There are also two new minis added, a seniors one-pocket and a one-handed one-pocket event. In previous years, players could sign up for the minis online and they would fill up before the tournament would even begin. This year, they are only taking sign-ups on the day of and still capping them at 64 players. All minis kick off at the stroke of midnight for a $25 entry.

Last night's 9-Ball Bank Mini drew several new faces but several heavy hitters. $1,000 was added by Albert Metzinger in loving memory of his wife, Marsha. Metzinger will also be adding $1,000 to the 9-Ball Mini. Of the 64 players, local player Kevin Nicholas made his debut as the champ. His road to victory included wins over Neal Jacobs, Brian Gregg, and Dee Atkins.

1st     Kevin Nicholas     $1,000
2nd     Doug Kressler     $400
3rd     Richie Richeson     $200
4th     Brian Gregg     $200
5th     Stan Tourangeau     $100
6th     Tiger Nall     $100
7th     Shannon Murphy     $100
8th     Neal Jacobs     $100
9th     Robert Frost     $50
10th     Paul Smith     $50
11th     David Naiser     $50
12th     Robert Dean     $50
13th     Jay Helfert     $50
14th     Mike Eck     $50
15th     Brandon Cook     $50
16th     Tony Mougey     $50

The Boney's Senior One-Pocket Mini will begin at midnight tonight. It will be capped at 32 players for any senior age 60 and over. $1,000 will be added courtesy of Poison Cues.

In the $1,600 added One-Pocket Challenge organized by Jay Helfert, the current high runs are 38 by Scott Rabon and a 36 by Gabe Owen.

John Schmidt currently has the high run in the Straight Pool Challenge with a 99. He did run a 206 in practice before the challenge began. Unfortunately that did not count but he hopes to beat that this week. Mark Vidal, AKA “Spain” is currently paused on a run of 70. The table has been marked and he will return to continue after he finishes his match.

Tune in to and for your live streaming action all week.