Barrett Takes Down the Young Gun

The 8th stop on the KBP Adrenaline North Florida Amateur 9-Ball Tour was held at Bankshots Billiards in Jacksonville Florida. The field was a strong one with many players expecting The Young Gun of the tour Josh Lewis to take another win but it was Ramsey Barrett who not only took 1st place but also King of the Hill.

Lewis and Barrett were matched up twice with Barrett working the top half of the bracket while Lewis worked the bottom half. The duo met up the first time for the King of the Hill match, which sent Lewis to the west side and Barrett taking a 7-4 win. Barrett was now waiting to see who would come back from the one loss side for the final race to 9 match.

Johnny Reeves was playing great at this event as he sent Jeff Rose (7-4) and Bobby Garza (7-5) to the one lose side in his first two match ups. Reeves then met up with Lewis who sent Reeves west to join the other players in a 7-4 win. Reeves was working on the west side in the race to 5 matches by leaving Thomas Mittnight in 12th place, Ryan Lordahl in 8th place, Trevor Moore in 6th place and Steve Foster in 4th place as went on to face Lewis again for the chance at the finals. The play was tight between Lewis and Reeves as both tired players battled for the chance at Barrett. Reeves was down 3-1 when he made a come back to make the score 3-3. At this point Lewis seemed more determined than ever to go to the next match by getting the score 4-3. The next few games proved that it was anyone's game as Reeves evened it up A bobbled ball in the pocket that had spectators holding their breath gave Lewis his chance to finish out the match with a 5-4 win leaving Reeves in 3rd place.

Lewis now was facing Barrett in the final race to 9 and it seemed that the break that Barrett had waiting on the matches to finish up gave him the needed breather to be refreshed for this match. Barrett bolted ahead on the score and kept the lead as Lewis fought hard to try to make a comeback but Barrett ended up with the win in a final score of 9-1.

The highlighted shot for the evening was in the match with Trevor Moore and Ramsey Barrett. From the onset of the break the 6 ball and 7 ball were frozen together in a corner pocket. Several maneuvers by the two players left the balls there till there were no other shots available. Tournament director Kay Higgins checked the balls and stood as in a very strategic move and an excellent shot Moore was able to pocket the 6 without any problems.

Complete Payouts:
1st place- Ramsey Barrett- $320
2nd place- Josh Lewis- $190
3rd place- Johnny Reeves- $130
4th place- Steve Foster $60
5th/6th place- April Wallen, Trevor Moore $40 each.