Ramsey Barrett wins North Florida Amateur Tour

Mark Mann and Ramsey Barrett

On July 10, 2005 Bankshot Billiards located at 11000 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida hosted stop # 8 on the KBP Fury Amateur 9-Ball Tour. Using their 12 9' Olehausen tables the 35 players spent an enjoyable rainy day inside competing against each other. New faces and old friends of the tour were on hand to participate and watch to see who would come out on top. Even though the tour used all 12 of the 9' tables to get the tournament started there were still 10 -8' Olhausens tables, 3-7' Diamond coin ops, foosball, darts, large TV's placed around the room for viewing and internet juke box for the entertainment of others. There was plenty of seating with high back chairs around the tournament area along with plenty of playing room in-between. The food menu was of a good variety consisting of hot dogs, hamburgers, pork, calzone, stormboli, nachos and cheese, pretzels, Frito pie and serving of beverages included beer, wine and sodas. The friendly staff and owner spent their time that day making sure that the players felt that it was their special day by waiting on them and cleaning the tables after each match. Anyone interested in getting more information on this room can go to their website at www.PlayAtBankshots.com.

Many local players and tour followers showed up at this event to show off their competitive edge. Ramsey Barrett came out on top of the 35 player field coming up against tour well known players such at Jim Jennings from the Georgia Division, Dave Ross, Tony Plescia and Matt Bauries. The $500 added event was headed for excitement as the day went on.

Ramsey Barrett started out strong and held fast all the way to the end by sending players such as Jim Jennings, John Tatum, and Tony Plescia Then Ramsey met with Matt Bauries for the hot seat match. Ramsey took an early lead and held fast to send Bauries to the one loss side 7-4. Ramsey kept the lead and waited to see who would be the one to challenge him for the winners seat.

In the fight for 4th place Dave Ross and Mark Mann faced off with each other. The games were intense as the race to 5 matches went back and forth between the two players, but in the end Mark Mann took the victory with a 5-4 lead. While Ramsey worked his way on the winners bracket Mark Mann who had been sent to the one loss side by Tony Plescia was playing the race to 5 matches against Jim Jennings, Bobby Hicks, Trevor Moore, and Dave Ross. Mann then had to face Bauries to see who would get a chance at Barrett who had sent him to face Mann. With hill/hill matches behind them and the day wearing long Mann and Bauries set with even scores through out the match but it was Mark Mann that won the chance to face off with Barrett.

Barrett and Mann met up for the final race to 9 match. The play started out with an even score 1-1 but Barrett took a lead at 3-1. By the next few games the matches were back and forth till leaving a score for Barrett 5-4. At this point Mann had a comeback and brought the score hill/hill and then took the next game to get ahead at 5-6. Barrett took this time to get his second wind and finish out the match with a score of 9-6 ending the day on a good note. Both players showed us some good shots.

Complete Results:
1st Ramsey Barrett $430
2nd Mark Mann $240
3rd Matt Bauries $180
4th Dave Ross $100
5th/6th Trevor Moore, Tony Plescia $75
7th/8th Bobby Hicks, Ken Murphy $50