Barretta Takes Top WPBA Points List Spot

Jennifer Barretta (Courtesy of Erwin Dionisio)
For Jennifer Barretta, it was a long journey and reaching the top of the hill came at a time when her mind was furthest from it. 
Barretta reached the number 1 position on the WPBA points list at the conclusion of the recently completed Ashton Twins Classic in Alberta Canada. Barretta had taken the hot-seat in the event, with a hill-hill win over WPBA Legend Allison Fisher. It was her first career WPBA hot-seat, and her first WPBA final match. Unfortunately, she came up short in the rematch with Fisher in the finals.
“It was bittersweet because I found out about becoming number 1 while I was crying my eyes out about losing in the finals in Calgary” said Barretta. 
“After nearly fifteen years on the tour, Barretta said she wasn’t even thinking about her points list position. “It came as a complete surprise. I look back on my journey, and I always say that if I knew how much there was to learn, I never would have started. I finally feel like I’ve mastered the game, and although there are small things left for me to learn, I never thought I’d be able to say that.” she said. 
While Barretta says many people helped her with mechanics, sighting and other physical parts of the game, she gives credit to Stu Mattana for all of her position play, strategy, kicking, and defense. “None of this could have happened without my coach and mentor, Stu Mattana”