BCAPL Grows To Record Numbers and Offers More to Players

 The CueSports International (CSI) motto, “More Choices for All Players,” is embodied in the diversity of its many products.  CSI sanctions about 500 independent leagues through BCA Pool League, offers a uniform nationwide handicap league system through USA Pool League, produces major professional events such as the US Open 10-Ball Championships, offers pro and semi-pro events on 7' and 9' tables such as the Swanee Memorial and US Bar Table Championships, supports national and world junior competition, promotes high level action and pool media through The Action Report, and leads the industry in the development of software and technology for the future good of the sport.
In short, every pool player on the planet can to participate in, and benefit from, a league or event produced by CSI.
The leading CSI promotion, the BCA Pool League (BCAPL), has sanctioned more local leagues in each of the eight years that CSI has been involved.  Going into the 36th BCAPL National Championships (May 9-20, 2012), the BCA Pool League has grown to 500 active leagues across the United States, plus Canada, Taiwan and the Bahamas.  Players ranging from beginner to grand master level are welcome and enjoy the organization and level of competition that CSI and the BCAPL provides.
In addition to the heralded annual BCAPL National Championships, BCAPL affiliated state and regional organizations produce a growing number of events across North America.  CSI adds money to numerous regional and state BCAPL sanctioned events including: the BCAPL Texas State Championships, the BCAPL Southwest Regional Championships, Western BCA championship events, the Wisconsin State BCAPL Championships, and the BCAPL Canadian Open Series to name a few.
The BCAPL embraces all manner of pool competition, with many different sanctioned league formats in 8-Ball and 9-Ball, and in 14.1 Continuous (straight pool) and One Pocket.  The BCAPL does not limit or restrict the type of game played, nor stipulate a particular handicap system.  Over 6,000 players of all abilities travel each year to Las Vegas for the BCAPL championships, which has been tagged “The Greatest Pool Tournament in the World!”
Without question, CSI offers “More Choices for All Players”!
Visit www.playcsipool.com, www.playbca.com and www.playusapool.com for more information about CSI and its divisions.