BCtv is Now Available Online 24/7

St. Louis, MO -- BILLIARD CLUB television, pool's only weekly TV show, is now available for viewing online at www.billiardclub.net. Three one-hour BCtv shows are available 24/7 for free, unlimited viewing to all registered users. A new BCtv episode will be posted each week giving viewers a fresh look and extended opportunities to watch the two previous weekly programs.

To watch BCtv, simply visit www.billiardclub.net and click on the video player image on the front page to open the interactive player. New users are required to register with a valid email address and a personal password for their free membership. Each new member will receive an email confirmation of registration. The process takes less than a minute to complete and the video is then available for viewing.

The online broadcast programs are the same as the cable TV broadcast seen on Empire Sports Network and Sunshine Network but without the network commercial spots. The BCtv spot ads will remain. The cable TV schedule, times and other information are available online at www.billiardclub.net.

Presently, BCtv is featuring the 2002 Mosconi Cup through the end of 2003 to help promote this year's Mosconi Cup at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. BILLIARD CLUB network, producer of BCtv, plans to offer other event inventory for online viewing along with the weekly episodes. The 2003 US Open 9-Ball Championship event should be available in their complete unedited versions by Christmas. Viewers will all be treated to stockpile of video content from various regional pool tours, including the Viking Cue Tour, the Falcon Cue Tour and the Joss Northeast Tour. To submit content for broadcast on BCtv, call 1-866-774-8770.

"Contrary to the Billiard media pundits with the doomsday outlook for pool, this is a very exciting time," said Rob Sykora, BCn president. "BILLIARD CLUB tv has more weekly broadcast hours than any other pool programming in the United States and that includes ESPN. Plus, the number of weekly viewing households we're reaching is growing at a rapid pace due to our consistent and reliable weekly schedule. But, since we're not in every cable TV market nationwide just yet, we've launched this online channel to provide a more direct and targeted delivery of BCtv to the core billiard marketplace. The best part for the viewer is that it's available 24/7 and it's free to everyone who wants to watch as often as they like."

BCn contracted Eonstreams of Knoxville, TN to develop the media player and administer the broadcasting of the online video stream. "The interactive video player has great functionality," said Emma Woods, Project Manager for Eonstreams. "A billiard sports fan can browse the net, read breaking news articles, and even engage in discussion in a popular online forum, all while watching BCtv in the upper half of the player."

"Linking to the sponsors and advertisers who support the program was a key ingredient to bringing the project to fruition," added Sykora. "The advertising and promotional opportunities we've now created for billiard industry merchants, product manufacturers and corporate sponsors are more dynamic than any other billiard media outlet and we're confident that our members will show their support to the companies that helped make this happen."