Behrman and ABP at Impasse

Barry Behrman and Shannon Behrman Paschall, Promoters of the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships, regret to announce that the negotiations between themselves and the board of directors of the ABP have come to an impasse. Behrman had thought that his offer would ensure their participation, but this has not proven the be the case. What Behrman had offered was:

1) $50,000 to be escrowed 30 days prior to the event, as per our requests to allow enough time for invitations and travel arrangements.

2) Balance of monies to be available the week of the event and all players paid at the conclusion of their final match.

3) As collateral, the corporate seal, papers and rights to the US Open 9-Ball Championships, Inc. which are owned by us free and clear of any debt or liens.

"In short, I have offered them my life's work, and Shannon's future for collateral. I have no doubt that all prize monies will be available this year and all future years due to increased income from internet streaming rights, international television rights and sponsorships. We have made arrangements with Pat Fleming of Accu-Stats Video Productions and David Thomson of Medium Pool in order to air this year's event in more than 26 countries in Asia with 175,000,000 + viewers and we are negotiating at present to have the event shown in the  United States, Europe, and Canada with more to come on board between now and the beginning of the event. While I understand that I have been tardy with payments in the past it must be abundantly clear to everyone that things will be different from now on. I would not be willing to give up my Championship as collateral if things were not different."

Behrman continues: "The U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship will go on this year as scheduled. We have already heard from many players whose names appeared on the boycott list that they were not aware that their names were on that list and they they have no intention of participating in the boycott. We now know, for instance, that Darren Appleton will be defending his title at this year's event. I fail to understand how players, who continually request to be treated as professionals, can take such an unprofessional stand as to demand a full escrow in advance of the time that they know my sponsorship dollars are available to me. Most of the sponsorship monies do not arrive until the week of the Championship and so there is no way to escrow monies in advance that are not available to me. Indeed, upwards of $150,000 in revenues are generated during the week of the event and it is those monies that provide the bulk of the of the prize monies. "

"My daughter and I truly believe that most of the world's best players will participate in our event. It simply makes no sense for them not to when I have explained to them that the monies will indeed be there and that they will get paid on time. Since the players that are boycotting my event are attempting to do harm to the event, we have no choice but to rescind our policy of paying the entry fees of any past champions who are capable of playing and decide to participate in this boycott. This has been a gift, not a given, and will be taken away for the duration of the U.S. Open."

"It should be noted that EVERY player from the 2010 U.S Open has been paid every penny they were owed from the event. While it is regrettable that they were not all paid at the time of the event, we did pay 92 of the 96 places who earned prize money at the event and the other four players have all been paid in full."

"We look forward to seeing all of our old friends as well as meeting some new ones this year and to having yet another full field of champions from throughout the world to put on the greatest show in pool, the U.S. Open.