Bergman and Cole top Highpockets Viking Event

Bill Rowsey, David Gutierrez and Justin Bergman

July 19 & 20th, 2008 Highpockets Billiards in Memphis, TN hosted The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tours Open and Amateur events. The events this past weekend drew in 87 players from all over the region including players from Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Georgia and Florida, 19 free entries for women and junior players as well as 11 league discounts were given out this weekend from the Viking Tour incentive programs which attract new players into the sport. High Pockets and The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour paid out a total prize fund of $8,120 in the Open and Amateur Divisions. The payouts included two $100 bonuses for good sportsmanship awards and entry fees into future events in the region.

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour would like to thank Highpockets Billiards for hosting these events and providing a great players atmosphere. Highpockets Billiards which has been in existence for 22 years offers a tremendous amount of nostalgia and was recently bought by new owners Bill Rowsey and Kinnard Mays who have brought their own touch to the room as well as offering weekly pool tournaments and poker tournaments. Highpockets Billiards features a full bar and menu.

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour's Open Division was played on 9 foot tables. The rail was packed with spectators through out the event and the layout of Highpockets allowed plenty of seating for all to watch. The Open Division was won by Justin Bergman who rolled thru the top half of the bracket undefeated. Bergman bested Peter Gee 9-3; Melanie Gilmer 9-1; Chuck Raulston 9-7; Monroe Jones 9-2; Jason Evans 9-1; David Gutierrez 9-8; in the finals Bergman faced and defeated Gutierrez in set one 9-8.

David Gutierrez began his run in the bottom of the bracket and defeated Jay Hamilton 9-4; Joe Keith 97; Randy Reese 9-2; Jewel Mays 9-3; Tony Sulsar 9-3 before he faced Bergman in the match for the hot seat where he lost 9-8; on the left side of the chart Gutierrez defeated Jason Evans in the semi finals 9-6.

For the incredible sportsmanship displayed by both players during the final match Justin Bergman and David Gutierrez each received a $100 bonus from High Pockets owners Bill Rowsey (who stated he was extremely impressed with the professional behavior exhibited by both players during the finals) and Kinnard Mays as well as paid entry to the next Viking Cue 9-Ball Tournament held at High Pockets and paid entries in the Southern Billiards Fall Follies event in Starkville, Mississippi.

Open Division Payouts;
1st $2100 Justin Bergman
2nd $1300 David Gutierrez
3rd $800 Jason Evans
4th $550 Justin Sanders
5/6th $275 each Tony Sulsar / Nick Vita
7/8th $120 each Kelly Green / Monroe Jones
9th thru 12 th $70 each Randy Reese / Sam Gilmer / Jewel Mays / Al Barth

The Amateur Division was won by Randy Cole after he drew a bye in round one Cole was defeated by Jake Waymire 7-3 sending him to the one loss side where he worked his way back eliminating the following Daniel Clonch 5-0; Dan Falcon 5-0; Robert Green 5-3; Carlos Ramos 5-3; Bobby Morgan 5-4; Jake Waymire 5-1; and Patrick Boykin in the semi finals 5-0; Cole proceeded to the finals where he defeated Craig Sebastian 7-5 & 5-2 to win the Amateur Division.

Craig Sebastain worked his way thru the top half of the bracket undefeated until he faced Cole in the Finals. Sebastain began with a bye and proceeded to defeat Neal Williams 7-6; Bryce Lepak 7-6; Mike Janis 7-5; Bobby Morgan 7-1 ; Patrick Boykin 7-4; before the finals.

The Amateur Division Payouts:
1st $750 Randy Cole
2nd $450 Craig Sebastain
3rd $300 Patrick Boykin
4th $200 Jake Waymire
5/6th $75 each Bobby Morgan / Mike Janis

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tours Staff would like to thank Professor Q-Ball for his coverage of the event and all the photos he took during the tournament. Please visit his web site for more in depth photo coverage from the event at We would also like to acknowledge Bryce Lepak who at 11 years old has displayed a great love for the sport as well as a true dedication and ability against all of his competitors, Bryce finished in 13th place in the Open division and last but not least Thank you to Highpockets for hosting this event and providing a great place for the growth and continued support of our sport. We wish you continued success with your room.

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour will be at Breaker's Sports Bar & Grill in Knoxville, TN with the $2500 added Amateur only event this upcoming weekend which is presented by Roaring Lion Energy Drink -- July 26th & 27th. Registration for the event will begin at noon on Saturday.

For more information on upcoming events visit the Viking Tours website at .