Larry Nevel and Joseph Cole Triumph in Atlanta at Viking Tour Events

Richey Orem 4th, Tony Crosby, Viking Tours Terrie Janis, Justin Hall 2nd, Larry Nevel 1st
Larry Nevel and Joseph Cole Triumph in Atlanta at Viking Tour Events

On the weekend of July 28-29, 2007, the Viking Tour had a double-header event at Mr. Cues 2 in Atlanta, Georgia with a $1000 open division and $500 amateur division event. The open division brought out sixty-eight players, many of which were heavy hitters making this an exciting weekend of play. The notable names from the event were Tony Crosby, Tommy Kennedy, Monica Webb, Helena Thornfeldt, Little Jon, Louis Ulrich, Richey Orem, John Morra, Cliff Joyner, Mike Davis, Larry Nevel, and Paul Song.

When the open division recommenced on Sunday, there were only sixteen players left including two WPBA players, Helena Thornfeldt and Monica Webb, holding their own against the men. The day started with the following matches:

Winners side:
AZ's own “Southpaw” David Shadden vs. Justin Hall
Richey Orem vs. Tony “The Sniper” Crosby
Helena Thornfeldt vs. John Morra
Larry Nevel vs. Danny Turner

One-loss side:
Jim Jennings vs. Cliff Joyner
Billy Tyler vs. Little Jon
Monica Webb vs. Louis Ulrich
Tommy Kennedy vs. Clint McCullough

In the end it came down to six players - Larry Nevel and Justin Hall sent John Morra and Richey Orem to the one-loss side, where Tony Crosby handily knocked out John Morra, and Cliff Joyner was sent home by Richey Orem. The final four players battled it out with Tony Crosby defeating Richey Orem (7-5), then shortly thereafter Crosby was overcome by Hall (7-4), allowing a re-match in the finals between Larry Nevel and Justin Hall. With a score of 9-5, Larry Nevel defeated Justin Hall for the open division win.

To cap off the weekend, in addition to the open event and as if it did not provide enough action for the spectators of Mr. Cues 2, Sunday brought an additional forty-nine players into the mix to compete in the amateur division. Several players stood out in this event, but at the end of the day the final four were David Shadden, Joseph Cole, Josh Louis, and Travis Dorn. It was Travis Dorn that took the long road to the finals as he had to defeat several of the same players a second time (from the one-loss side) to meet up with Joseph Cole in the finals. It would ultimately be the energetic eighteen year old Joseph Cole (who recently placed 13th in the BEF Junior Nationals, and is sponsored by BumperNets in Birmingham, Alabama) that would prove to be Travis Dorn's undoing with a final score of 5-4.

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