Biado Wins Hard Times 10-Ball Open

Carlo Biado (Photo courtesy of Dave Thomson -

The Hard Times 10 Ball Open played July 12th through 14th 2013 at Hard Times Billiards, in Bellflower, CA, may become known as the “Filipino 10 Ball Open” after Carlo Biado from the Philippines took down the event, now in its fourth year.

In its inaugural year 2010 it was won by Lee Van Corteza from the  Philippines. In 2011 it was won by Alex Pagulayan also from the Philippines. Again in 2012 it was won by yet another Filipino, Dennis Orcollo. Would you believe it it was won yet again in 2013 by another Filipino Carlo Biado, the new kid on the block that many are touting as the player to watch in the future.
Another interesting piece of Filipino trivia is that the top three players on the podium for this years event were all from the Philippines.
First place:   Carlo Biado                                 - $5,300
Second place:   Alex Pagulayan                       - $3,200
Third place:   Dennis Orcollo                           - $1,800
Fourth place:   Ralf Souquet                          - $1,000
Personally I cannot remember seeing such a plethora of star players under one roof at one time in what was basically a small regional event. I guess the name HARD TIMES comes from the fact that the players were having a HARD TIME getting through to the next round!!!!
Now we just have to wait and see which Filipino will win this well established tournament next year!!!