Billiard Betting Guide: Types and Features

Billiards is an entertaining sport for many people who enjoy playing it and watching it. Just like any other sport, it makes complete sense that betting would be made possible for it too. When it comes to online betting for billiards, there are types of bets and features that you need to be made aware of. 

Features of Billiard Betting 

Billiard is a separation of multiple games, which all have a common denominator-the operation of the balls, their movements and placing on the table. Within the sport now, there are four main types of billiard that are played and watched all over the world, and they are: American Pool, Russian Pool, Snooker and Carom. All of these have different possibilities as far as betting opportunities. For this article, we will focus on the game of Snooker. Of course, there are many tournaments that happen within the sport of Snooker, however, the most popular of them (especially for betting) is the World Cup, Shanghai Masters, Grand Prix Tournament and the European Championship. These tournaments are great for bookmakers to facilitate gambling, as so many viewers enjoy these events throughout the year.

Betting Types 

The betting types really depend on game being played and different bookmakers will sometimes offer different types of waters within a specific event. Regardless of the gambling you wish to take part in, all bookmakers will provide the following: 

  1. Betting on the winner of the game, or series.
  2. Betting on the finalised score of the game, which is seen as quite the difficult gambling selection to make, by many gamblers. You need to gamble on an exact value, without knowing the outcome or factors which can affect that outcome.
  3. Century bets are the gambling option for when someone will take the leap on betting on a player managing to get more than 100 points. 
  4. Winner of three, is where a player will be able to win a total of three consecutive games at once. 
  5. Betting on the handicap, is where you will make separate bets that accommodate on different games won by different players within the series of the tournament.
  6. Total betting, which regards the over and under series. 

Most sports books will accommodate all these betting opportunities online, with unique options available, such as promotions, free bets and so on that you can utilize towards your gambling experience. Every sports book has their perks, meaning it is important that you utilize that feature towards your user experience.

Billiard Betting Strategy 

In snooker, it is often advised to look into betting on the underdog, that has a positive handicap overall. In case of such event, the favourites will often give you frames to consider. From then on, you should consider the following strategies. 

– The Catching Up strategy, where you will bet on the outside that has a 2.0 total.

– Betting on the winner when you are playing in-play/ live mode for any of the total and under bets within the betting variations.

– Forks strategy, which involves the gambling consistently betting on the same betting type within the event, across multiple bookmakers. This gambling opening is considered as quite the advanced gambling opening, meaning you are not really advised to do this if you are a complete beginner to the world of Snooker wagering.

Billiard Analysis 

Taking part in an analysis before you place bets is always encouraging. By evaluating the experience of the player that you are considering to gamble on; taking into account the results of at least 5 previous games, is always encouraged. Besides this, if two opponents have also met previously, definitely refer back to the statistics from that previous matchup.

Finally, do take into account the prestigious level that the billiard is commencing at, as the level of play will dictate the coefficients at competitions i.e. the World Cup has lower values in comparison to other coefficients in other competitions.