Billiard Eyewear Can Bring Your Game Back

Bill Curran

I quit playing pool actively about 12 years ago. I just was not enjoying the game anymore because my vision had gone downhill and the edges of the balls looked fuzzy, like a tennis ball, so I could not find an accurate aiming point any longer.

Recently I decided to search for some glasses that I could wear that would allow me to shoot pool again. I first went to the Ophthalmologist  and got my eyes fully checked out. The results were great - no glaucoma, no cataracts, and healthy retina and internals.

But when I went to see the person who makes the glasses for this practice they had nothing to offer me. None of their styles would allow me to look down table just under my eyebrows and still be looking through the lens. Worse, the focal point for their lenses was always in the center of the lens and I needed that focal point to be near the top side of the lens.

I began searching online for help. First, I googled “pool glasses”. Well, that was way wrong. I got everything from plastic beer mugs to swim goggles for a result. Then I changed my search to “Billiard Eyewear” and got a lot better results. There were three good candidates that I found.

The first I found was William Curran and Sons in Drexel Hill, PA. I also found Randy Goettlicher, an old friend out of Dallas Texas and one of a handfull of Master Instructors in the USA. I also found a Canadian site, There were a few other sites but they all offered cheap stuff that appeared to be of low quality and I wanted something that would last me for many years.

Since they were the first one I found I checked the offerings of the Canadian site first.  ( Their contact is named Gordon and his email is The phone number is 1-877-465-3058. Their glasses are the least expensive and start at $169.00 but you certainly need to add the anti-glare lenses so that pops you up another $50 to around $220.00 (Canadian). I went with another supplier because this company does not ask for any photographs of you or any eye measurements and the other two do. I just like the idea that my glasses are custom-made for me, but Gordon says he has never had any fitting problems. Still, if they do, there is no warranty that covers proper fit.

I then called Randy Goettlicher. The huge advantage that Randy has is that he is a great instructor and knows so much about both the game and the people who play it. So he knows all the questions that he needs to ask you to make certain you get the right pair of glasses for your needs. He has you measure the distance between your pupils and asks about your head position, etc. The line he sells is Dacot, makers of fine shooting eyewear for many years. I think Randy has had his Dacot glasses for about 40 years, so they are durable. The Dacot line is unique in that the bridge of the glasses is easily adjustable and you can move the glasses up high so that the focal point is precisely where you need it for proper shooting. Prices vary depending on your needs but these glasses are in the $325 range. You may reach Randy at or by phone at: 214-908-2908.

The glasses that I settled on for my use came from William J. Curran and Sons Opticians of Pennsylvania. The biggest selling point for me was the fantastic customer care. Bill Curran asked first for photos of my face with a business card under my nose that allows him to measure the distance between the pupils. Then I sent him photos of myself shooting so that he could see precisely where I needed the focal point of the lenses to be. These glasses feature 100% Titanium frames, a custom designed lens shape and size for each individual, and Trivex Lenses. I got my glasses last week and am now shooting pool again every day and enjoying it because the balls are now as sharp as a tack! With all of the bells and whistles my glasses cost me $396.00 (this is a limited-time price that is $100 off of retail) and I do recommend these as I am very pleased with the quality of this product.

You may see the Curran Glasses at: Their email is: and their phone number is: 610-623-4129.

So if age has taken the edge off of your game, check out billiard eyewear. It may be only that you need to see the balls again.