New Billiard Instructional Game Coming in November

Albuquerque - Razor Pool has announced a new billiard (pool) instructional product called Bullseye Billiards. Players can use Bullseye Billiards to practice pocketing balls and positioning the cue ball by playing a game on the pool table. The instructional aid includes targets, score pads, and a book with 200 diagrammed shots.
Bullseye Billiards is targeted for beginning to intermediate level players. Each shot has hints for line of aim, tip contact, stroke speed, and an instructional snippet. The book also gives an overview of billiard fundamentals, physics, strategies, and advice on competition.
The games in Bullseye Billiards are played on a pool table using the included targets. The goal of each shot is to pocket the object ball and control the cue ball to stop on the target. Bullseye Billiards can be played with one or more players.
“One thing is for certain, the games contained in Bullseye Billiards will make it more fun for players to practice. The shots in Bullseye Billiards are designed to improve skills effectively and will be of immense value to both beginners and advanced players alike,” said Jeremiah Gage, President of Razor Pool.
Professional Billiards instructor, Joe Tucker, who did a thorough review of the Bullseye Billiards, said in effect that it is “One of the best instructional books I’ve ever seen because it gets you to the table immediately doing what you need most to become a good player.”
Bullseye Billiards will be available to order November 22nd at 10am MST online at All orders placed before November 29th will receive free shipping to anywhere in the United States or Canada.
Razor Pool will donate $5 to the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) for every sale. The BEF is a nonprofit charity that promotes pool through youth programs and academic scholarships.
About the Author
Jeremiah Gage started playing and studying billiards at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM, 2002. He is a recognized instructor with the PBIA and has been teaching billiards since 2005. Gage is a founder of the ABQ Billiards Academy and manages local Albuquerque pool leagues.
About Razor Pool
Razor Pool, LLC is the publisher and distributor for Bullseye Billiards and was founded in 2013 by Jeremiah Gage. Razor Pool is the parent organization for the Albuquerque, USA Pool League and Albuquerque BCA Pool League.
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