Buy Bullseye Billiards and Support the Billiard Education Foundation

Just in time for the holidays! Razor Pool has announced the launch of its long-awaited Bullseye Billiards instructional aid. With each purchase, not only will players improve their pool game, but they will also be helping to improve the future of the sport. Razor Pool is donating $5 to the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) from the sale of each Bullseye Billiards sold.
Since it’s official launch last month, the company has sold 65 units, equating in a $325 donation to the organization thus far. "I feel it's important to support the younger generation of pool players in order to grow the sport and give it the respect it deserves. Bullseye Billiards will hopefully lower the barrier to entry, as this sport can be very challenging. Kids playing Bullseye Billiards will get quality practice without them even realizing it,” said Jeremiah Gage, owner of Razor Pool and creator of Bullseye Billiards.
Gage intends to continue his fundraising efforts through the end of the year. To order your very own Bullseye Billiards, visit
About the Author
Jeremiah Gage started playing and studying billiards at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM, 2002. He is a recognized instructor with the PBIA and has been teaching billiards since 2005. Gage is a founder of the ABQ Billiards Academy and manages local Albuquerque pool leagues.
About Razor Pool & Bullseye Billiards
Razor Pool, LLC is the publisher and distributor for Bullseye Billiards and was founded in 2013 by Jeremiah Gage. Razor Pool is the parent organization for the Albuquerque, USA Pool League and Albuquerque BCA Pool League. Bullseye Billiards is a fun, instructional game that comes with a book of 200 shots, targets, and score pads.
About the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF)
The BEF was formed in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity committed to promoting a lifelong love of pool and building the next generation of players through youth programs and academic scholarships. Visit or call (303) 926-1039 to learn more about junior billiard programs in your area.