Billiards Heaven in NYC – Verhoeven 3-Cushion Open and Predator World 14.1 Together


Queens, New York-  This summer, Dragon Promotions and Carom Cafe are proud to present "Billiards Heaven in New York": Sure to be a transcendental experience; imagine, for the very first time, simultaneous Championships in the two finest billiard disciplines, performed at the ultimate levels: The Predator World Tournament of 14.1 and the Verhoeven Open 3-cushion Tournament - together, in one amazing venue - Carom Cafe Billiards. It all starts July 29th through August 5th,2012.

"This is something that has never been done before. 3-cushion and straight pool together. Dragon Promotions loves pioneering new ideas in billiards. So we are really diggin it!", says Charlie Williams, Founder of Dragon Promotions.

The Predator 72nd World Tournament of 14.1 will feature an all star cast including numerous World Champions such as Efren Reyes, Darren Appleton, Mika Immonen, Stephan Cohen, Johnny Archer, and defending champion Thorsten Hohmann! The oldest tournament in existence for pool continues on for its 7th straight year by Dragon Promotions and Dr.Michael Fedak.

The Verhoeven Open 3-Cushion Tournament will be an international pro event held between August 1st through the 5th: featuring two living legends in the game, Raymond Ceulemans and Torbjorn Blomdahl. Sir Raymond Ceulemans is a living carom billiard legend. He holds 35 World Championship titles in every carom discipline and has won over 140 titles in his long and illustrious career.  Blomdahl is also a living legend in 3-cushion billiards - many times World Champion and the top-ranked player on the Worldcup ranking list in 2011. The strong field includes World Junior Champion, Glenn Hofman, World Artistic World Champion Roberto Rojas, 5x US National Champion Pedro Piedrabuena, 2x US National Champion Hugo Patino, past US Champions Jae Hyung Cho, Sonny Cho, Mazin Shooni, and Miguel Torres, Mexican Champion Luis Avila, and many others.

"The theme of this week long extravaganza of world-class pool and carom is the convergence of billiard disciplines. For whatever reason, the two billiard worlds have diverged over the years, and I think that a great way to bring the two spheres back together is to showcase the most excellent players of the two greatest games simultaneously here, at Carom Cafe. The Predator World 14.1 and the Verhoeven Open 3-Cushion events held closely together will certainly accomplish this", says Michael Kang, owner of Carom Cafe.

"This is going to be the ultimate experience for any pool or billiard lover. Two of the most elegant and prestigious games in the sport, but already we can foresee the chemistry and energy will be extraordinary. And it will all be well documented!", says Ira Lee of HighRock Productions, who is producing the video stream. Watch the Predator World 14.1 at and the international 3-Cushion at 

The 2012 Predator World Tournament by Dragon Promotions & Dr.Michael Fedak is proudly co-sponsored by Championship Cloth, Olhausen Tables, Amsterdam Billiards, Aramith Balls, Pool & Billiard Magazine, Championship Tour Edition Chalk, and straight pool aficionados Dr.Louis Pannullo of NYC, Stu Mattana of NYC, Ralph Rubin of MD, and Tom Gleich of NC. Co-contributors Dr.James Heller, Drew Thomas, and Charles Eames. 

Collectors can purchase the filmed TV matches table where the finals will be played on. The beautiful new Olhausen Grand Champion Pro II is valued at $6500 but will have an incredible $5000 price tag which includes souvenir Aramith Balls used in the event, Championship Tour Edition Cloth, and free installation! The table will also be signed by the champion along with an autographed poster of all the World Tournament players. For more information on buying the table, player registration, sponsorship, or if you would like to submit a comment, please email or contact Dragon Promotions at 1-407-782-4978.
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Also, to add to the incredible festivities, The 2nd Annual Straight Pool Hall of Fame will be inducting Danny Diliberto and Jack Colavita. Guest speakers at the dinner banquet on August 1st  will include several speakers including former World Champions Stephan Cohen, Allen Hopkins, and of course Danny Diliberto . The 14.1 Hall of Fame events will also include video presentations by's Jerry Tarantola. Charlie Williams will MC the evening's festivities.Fans can buy tickets in advance by going to 
Attend a weeklong extravaganza July 29 - Aug 5 which combines the splendor and brilliance of BOTH pool and billiards, played by the greatest billiard virtuosos, from all over the globe, as they compete for coveted titles in the highest forms of the billiard games. No serious fan of billiards wants to miss "Billiards Heaven in New York" - come witness the absolute pinnacle of billiards achievement at Carom Cafe this summer.

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