Billy Thorpe Challenges for All-Around

Billy Thorpe

The DCC One Pocket Championships


The original 347 players have dwindled to 17.  Efren Reyes, in search of his 7th DCC One Pocket title, remains undefeated and, in late night action, gave Corey Deuel his first loss. Orcollo, Pagulayan, Thorpe, and Woodward all have buy-backs. Jeremy Jones ousted Tony Chohan. Shannon Daulton put Bustamante to bed, Josh Roberts eliminated Appleton, Dee Adkins KO’d Kiamco before Sky Woodward sent Dee packing. Lastly, with the jousting Justins, Hall ejected Bergman.

In the past, One Pocket had the reputation of being the game that aging players resorted to when they lost their stroke. For the novice cue man the word was, don’t play One Pocket, it will ruin your 9-Ball game. Woodward, Bergman, and Hall–to name a few–have revolutionized that concept. These young whippersnappers are following in the footsteps of Efren, Joyner, Frost, and Daulton who, arguably, as a teenager reset the age limit on wagering with the old guard. Today, the fortyish Daulton has come full circle to face 23 year old Skyler Woodward on the Accu-Stats TV table. And Woodward is winning.

Early errors allowed Sky a ball then, later in the rack, an impressive 7 and out. Daulton had almost secured the second game until Sky scooped it from under him. In the 3rd game Woodward, wisely, took that oh-so-important intentional foul. Daulton didn’t have much to look at when Woodward, inspired, ran 8 and not quite out–he still owed one from the intentional. It didn’t take long for him to find it. “All I did was make sure that I didn’t sell out and, when I had my chances, I ran with them,” relayed Skyler later. He then ran off to let his stroke out in 9-Ball.

Banking Billy Thorpe, also undefeated, showed patience and promise in the ring with the very competent 29 year old Oklahoma City resident, Chip Compton. Chip charged and put a chokehold on the 1st game. Potentially, he had the second one, until Billy, always in contention, clawed to 8. Then, they each took a game until, in the decider, Billy pulled out to a 5-0, then, 6-2 lead. Compton couldn’t catch him.

FYI: As Bank Pool Champion Bustamante is gone from the One Pocket, Billy Thorpe is deep in the chase for potential points towards the All-Around Title.

Combat continues tomorrow. The Semi’s and Finals will be captured on the Accu-Stats Arena in the evening. Visit for a complete One Pocket and 9-Ball airing schedule.

The DCC 9-Ball Championships is underway with 321 competitors. The usual suspects strolled leisurely thru the field. The luck of the draw pitted Alex Pagulayan against Justin Bergman. They were tied at 4 on the TV table at press time. Stay Tuned.

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The George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge is streaming at

The 14.1 event runs thru the week until the 8 highest run holders face off in single elimination for a prize fund of $22,000. Englishman, and snooker player, Chris Melling’s 225 was in contention as Dennis Orcollo surpassed his previous 198 with impressive, consecutive runs of 103, 111, and 215. Alex Pagulayan is 3rd with 197 and, Johnny Archer jumped in with a 182. 6 thru 8 are Jayson Shaw, 168; Darren Appleton, 154; Mika Immonen, 146.

Dennis, Johnny, and Jason won $300, $200, and $100, respectively, for the day’s high runs. If scheduling permits, Accu-Stats will stream, at least, the finals.

BANKS RING GAME, on the Accu-Stats screen on Friday the 27th, will have the winner-take-all battle for the cash as, typically, the last 2 are usually banking for near a thousand a ball.

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