Billy Tyler wins Viking National Championship Series Event 1

Adam Towery, Billy Tyler and Jason Stemen

Series event #1 of 5 of The Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tours $2500 Added National Championship Series took place at Mr. Cues II in Atlanta on August 9th &10th, 2008.  Participants were lined up at the door early Saturday morning all anxious to get in and take their shot at the $8,505 prize funds offered up to the winners of this weekends events. There were 106 total participants in the events this weekend.
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour and Mr Cues II have once again came together to provide an exciting tournament for The Viking Cue Amateur members. Mr Cues II continues to provide an excellent atmosphere for all players and spectators alike.  The event was played on 16 brand new Brunswick Gold Crown tables.
Saturday night featured an 8 player amateur only $100 entry fee winner take all mini event. The format was a race to 7, single elimination event which Travis Dorn from Abeville, SC was the victor in that event claiming the top prize of $800.
Sunday featured a mini tournament of 16 amateur only players with a $30 entry fee competing for $500 winner take all prize fund.  The format for the Sunday mini tournament was race to 5, single elimination that was won by Shane Little from Howell, MI.
The Main Event which kicked off on Saturday drew in 82 participants including 14 free entries and 9 league discounts was packed with action from the start which continued until early Monday morning as the spectators watched Billy Tyler and Jason Stemen battle it out to see who would walk away with the 1st prize winnings.  Stemen defeated Tyler in the first set 7-3 after which was tied in game 6 of the set but there was no stopping Stemen, he racked up 4 games in a row to take the first set 7-3.  In set two of the true double elimination event Tyler jumped out to an early lead at 4-0 but Stemens determination to win the event quickly brought the score to 4-4 after game eight.  Tyler and Stemen battled it out with strong safety plays and even stronger shots and the battle went on to be tied at , 5-5 and 6-6.  In the final 13th game Stemen broke but the cue ball shot straight into the side pocket giving Tyler ball in hand with an open table.  Tyler methodically made shot after shot and ran the final table for the win.
The Payouts:
1st  $1525 Billy Tyler
2nd $1050 Jason Stemen
3rd  $775 Adam Towery
4th $575 Travis Dorn
5/6th $400 each Chris Cubbage / Jeff Click
7/8th $250 each Billy Holmes / Jeff Hooks
9/12th $150 each Josh Johnson / Henry Cofer / Matt Bulfin / Stanely Lingerfelt
13/16th $100 each Dave Ross / Marty Jennings / Matt Braden / Kaci Joiner
17/24th $60 each Mark Wathen / Rodney Holland / Bernado Estevan / Tony Dickens / Todd Rousey / Dana Aft / Bill Rotten / Rod Chastain
The winner of The Viking Cue Raffle was Chris Ikow of Covington, GA he won a $520 Viking Cue.  Event #2 of the 5 event series will take place the weekend of August 16 & 17th, 2008 at Side Pockets Billiards located at 3354 Canton Rd, Marietta, GA. additional information can be found at
Thanks you to all the players and fans that supported this event.  We look forward to seeing you next Weekend.