BJ Ussery Takes Another Win on Fury Amateur 9-Ball Tour

BJ Ussery and Dale Russell

B.J. Ussery has once again proven that he is in stroke as he took another win at the $500 added Fury Carolina Amateur 9-Ball Event on Sunday September 25 at Cue 'n Spirits in Winston-Salem. The tables were very tough in the recently renovated room, which now provides some great food as well. Owner Paul Sherman was a gracious host as always, as well as a competitor in the event.

Players, such as Eddie Little, Jeff Abernathy and Robert Ray who are some of the names listed in the top 8 points race found themselves on the losers side when they met up with Ussery. These players have been holding steady in the points race for this season and Ussery had his work cut out for him with these competitors.

While Ussery was working on one part of the bracket Dale Russell was stroking his way through players Alfred Smith, Dale Pittman, and Jeff Pruitt. Johnny Griffin was also making his run through defeating Mike Maurer, and Rocky Hawks. Griffin met up with Russell to see who would get a chance at the hot seat match with Ussery. Russell proved that he wanted that chance by sending Griffin to the one loss side 7-3. Dale Russell met Ussery who was still in stroke and proved it by sending Russell to the west side. Russell took the losers side by storm by sending 1st place points holder Robert Ray home with a 5-4 win and Tim Bowen with 5-1. Griffin and Russell met in the semi-final match and through another win Russell went on to face Ussery in the final match.

Alternating the break was expecting to keep things tight when Russell and Ussery met up for the race to 9 final match. Ussery took the first game but Russell broke and ran the second game. It looked like Ussery was headed for an easy win when he took the next two games but Russell got his chance again to gain control when a safety battle and a missed jump shot by Ussery allowed him to play catch up. The score was all tied at 5-5 when Ussery got the next win, and in game 12, Russell's break sent 3 balls into the pockets, one of which was the cue ball. With ball in hand, Ussery cleaned up the remaining 7 balls, bringing the score to 7-5. Russell could not keep control of the table and even coming close to a win in next game was not enough when he a missed thin cut on the 9 left it sitting for Ussery. Ussery took advantage of Russell's woes, and closed out the match for a 9-5 win. This makes Ussery's third win of the season.

1st place B.J. Ussery $400
2nd place Dale Russell $230
3rd place Johnny Griffin $150
4th place Tim Bowen $ 80
5th/6th place- Jeff Pruitt, Robert Ray $50 ea.