Ussery wins Fury Carolina Stop

Bill 'BJ' Ussery and tournament director Norm Medlock

On September 11, 2004, Katie's Cues, Raleigh, N.C. was the host for the Stop #15 on KBP promoted 2004 Fury Carolina Amateur Tour. With the 2004 US Open 9-Ball Championship going on just a few hours away a small field of 22 players participated in this event but was found to be a strong field ready to play. Norm Medlock had a chance to get his feet wet in being a tournament director by filling in for Steve Jennings who usually runs the Carolina tournaments.

The quarterfinals matches were intense with hill-to-hill matches. Jimmy Faircloth was steady in the winners bracket sending Bobby Strandberg to the one loss side while the other quarter final match B. J Ussery was working on Lee Bryant and sent him to the west side a. Then in the hot seat match Ussery met his match against Faircloth who defeated him and sent him to the one loss side to meet up with Robert Ray to decide who faces Faircloth. Even though Ray had been playing good and was still warmed up from the US Open 9-Ball Championship Ussery still pulled off a 5-3 win for a rematch with Faircloth.

For the race to 9 finals Faircloth started off the 1st game with a scratch on the break and Ussery gained control. Faircloth was not able to get back in the game till the 3rd game where he followed a safety on the 4 ball leaving a score of 2-1. Ussery was back in control and took the next 5 games giving him the upper hand with 7-1. In the 9th game Faircloth picked up another win when he had ball in hand but Ussery showed he was there for the win when for the final game of the match following a safety had ball in hand for a 2-9 combination shot and too the victory 9-2.

1st place BJ Ussery
2nd place Jimmy Faircloth
3rd place Robert Ray
4th place Bobby Strandberg