Ussery back in Carolina Winners Circle

B.J. Ussery

B.J. Ussery took the victory at Gametime/Riptide, which was the place to be this weekend when The Fury Carolina Amateur tour held its event there on Saturday November 6, 2004. The room is great place to play with 47,000 square foot facility, which, besides pool tables contains all kinds of other activities and a full restaurant. Room owner Jimmy Hodges provides the players with a great venue for play with this establishment.

The 2004 season is winding down with only one more stop before the Season Finale. The field of players is still a powerful field and they are still coming out to see how the balls roll. Ussery has proven that he is ready to move beyond the amateur level as his performances on the Fury tour and other tours this year has shown. Ussery had to take the one loss side of the bracket this tournament to gain the victory as in his second match was loss to Brian Davis 7-4. Ussery made his way pass players like Bobby Strandberg, John Carson, Johnny Griffin, Brian Davis, and Jeff Abernathy. Davis fell on his winning run when he met up with Robert Ray who was determined to make it through to the hot seat match. This gave Ussery a chance at a rematch with Davis on the one loss side. Ray was waiting on the winners side to see if Jeff Abernathy or Ussery would meet him for the final race to 9 match

The final match was expected to show some excellent playing and it did. Ussery jumped out to a 1 game lead, but Ray came right back playing a safety that sent Ussery for his jump cue. The jump shot that Ussery gave Ray the advantage to run out and tie the match 1-1. Ussery's took the lead back when he brought the score up 2-1, but Ray came back with a 4-3 lead. Ussery took control of the table from that point on and took advantage of the three foul rule to win the hill match. The final break went to Ussery and he ran out to take the match 9-4.

1st B.J. Ussery $385
2nd Robert Ray $135
3rd Jeff Abernathy $155
4th Brian Davis $85