Ussery is Smokin in Charlotte

Jeff Abernathy, Steve Jennings TD, & BJ Ussery

The Fury Carolina Amateur 9-Ball Tour held its stop on September 18, 2004 in the newly remodeled and expanded Smokin' Cue in Charlotte, N.C. The 16 Gold Crowns provided an excellent playing field for the 26 participants.

Jeff Abernathy was working his way through the winners side on his way to the hot seat when Eddie Little stopped him in a 7-4 victory. This put Abernathy in the losers bracket making his job harder to work toward his goal of a win. Abernathy took the losers side by storm by defeating Dave Bucholtz, J.T. Turner, David Lear, and Jeff Pruitt.

Ussery was also working his way on the winners side by beating two new comers to the event Tim Adams(7-1) and Bob Ruffalo(7-0) and previous player David Lear.

Little met up with B.J Ussery in the hot seat match but Ussery sent him to the losers bracket with 7-4 score. This gave Abernathy a chance for a rematch with Little. Little and Abernathy seemed like a good match up but it was Abernathy who had the roll goes his way for a 5-2 victory and a chance against Ussery.

The final match Ussery jumped out in front with a 2-0 lead but Abernathy was determined to give him a run for his money and took the next two game to make a tie. The match looked like it was going to be a hill match as the score climbed to 5-5 by the 10th game. Abernathy jumped ahead with 5-6 but this lead was short lived when Ussery took the next 4 games for a 9- 6 victory.

1st place- BJ Ussery $415
2nd place Jeff Abernathy $245
3rd place- Eddie Little $165
4th place- Jeff Pruitt $95
5th/6th place- Bob Ruffalo, David Lear $50 each